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Monday, September 13, 2010

Studio H Presents Camille Schefter ”Insoluble”

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Opening Reception Saturday September 18 from 6pm to 9pm

Camille Schefter Bather (Photo Courtesy Studio H)

Studio H presents ”Insoluble” a solo exhibition featuring oil paintings by Camille Schefter.  The works, both curious and perceptive, exhibit diverse imagery and deft, complex color use.  The end result is a captivating examination of the contradictions between what a person shows publicly and what one thinks and feels privately.

Schefter’s work is driven by this reality of a public and private self and how rifts between the two develop and play out in everyday life.  “I’m interested in the decision.  The fact that you can’t ever fully communicate with another person creates this opportunity for you to choose what you give out.  Sometimes it’s conscious, sometimes it’s not, but something’s got to happen. That ambiguity is what I focused on in this show.”

By combining influences from painters such as Peter Doig and Cecily Brown, to the rollicking poetry of Jennifer L. Knox, “Insoluble” appears as a raw and mysterious world for the viewer to explore.  Running throughout the body of work is a fluid narrative that touches on gender inequality, social anxiety, and desire, all skirting an urban landscape. Schefter’s enthralling abstractions enhance her conceptual focus on liminality by altering and occluding that story. The result, a juxtapostion of illusionistic moments with rich dynamic brushwork, is a collection of intensely captivating paintings.

The body of work includes works in ink and oil paint on canvas, salvaged wood, and wood panels.  "Insoluble" open September 18, 2010 and runs through October 17, 2010.

Camille Schefter (b. 1986 in Denver, Colorado) currently lives in Northwest Washington DC.  This is her first solo exhibition in Washington, DC.

For more information about Studio H Gallery and Workshop, please visit www.studiohdc.com. Studio H is located at 408 H Street NE second floor Washington, DC 20002. Phone 202.468.5277 or info@studiohdc.com. Hours are by appointment.

Note: The H street festival, scheduled from 12-6pm., is on the same date  as the "Insoluble" opening .   Studio H is located on the north side of H Street between 4th and 5th streets NE and will not be affected by street closures which begin on 8th Street NE through 14 street NE.

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