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Thursday, November 4, 2010

East City Art has Moved!

Please change your bookmarks and refresh your browser.  East City Art is now at its permanent home:

The ECA team will continue to bring you the best coverage of the visual arts scene in Eastern DC  in a new web-zine format that will include an artist directory, a restaurant guide and a classified section.  Look for exciting ECA sponsored events and art openings in 2011

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Capitol Hill Art League Presents an All-Media Exhibit Juried by Gene Weingarten

Capitol Hill Icon | OPENINGS |

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 6 from 5pm to 7pm 

"Walking Down the Street" mixed media on canvas, Valentine Szybo.  Photo Courtesy Capitol Hill Art League

The Capitol Hill Art League (CHAL), a program of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), presents an all-media juried exhibit opening on Saturday, November 6, 2010, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at CHAW, 545 7th Street SE.  The juror for the exhibit is Gene Weingarten, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and columnist for the Washington Post Magazine who is also a Capitol Hill community member. Weingarten will speak at the opening reception. Admission to the opening and exhibit is free. 

The all-media show of original artwork continues through December 8, 2010.

The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop is located at  545 7th Street, SE two blocks from Eastern Market Metro on the Blue & Orange Lines.  For more information call 202.547.6839 or visit their website at www.chaw.org Gallery hours are: 9:30AM-9:00 PM (M-Th), 9:30AM-6:00 PM (F), and 9:00AM-2:00 PM (Sat).

Industry Gallery Hosts "din-din" - An Exhibition of New Work by Jerry Mischak

H Street Icon | OPENINGS 

Opening Reception: November 6 from 6pm to 8pm

Studio view with elements for dinner table/such a night © Jerry Mischak, courtesy Industry Gallery
Industry Gallery will host din-din, an exhibition of new work by Jerry Mischak, opening November 6, 2010, 6-8 PM, and running through December 18, 2010.  Mischak, a senior critic at the Rhode Island School of Design, visiting professor at Brown University and instructor at the University of Rhode Island, will exhibit one large-scale installation and twelve chairs, all unique prototypes.  The installation piece dinner table/such a night is a 36-foot long table with 40 plates, 80 pieces of flat ware, 45 glasses, 25 empty wine bottles, and 100 empty water bottles, all wrapped in more than 3000 yards of orange vinyl tape.   The exhibition's 12 chairs are found objects reconstructed via sanding, cutting with the addition of plastic, Styrofoam and wood, and all encased in colored vinyl tape.

Mischak uses tape as a unifying element, or as he says, "a skin that covers a number of objects into a common form."  The tape appeals both for its color and as a bonding material.  He rarely ever works with sketches and never with a computer.  His works are developed through trial and error and a sculptural process of adding and subtracting.  Mischak says each piece "develops in real time and real space" and explains that with the chairs he is reinventing and redefining how each function with the body, likening the result to cover versions of well-known songs created by jazz musicians.

Speaking of the exhibition, Mischak said dinner table/such a night "evokes the remnants and memories of a grand dinner. Who was there? Who did you sit next to? What were the conversations? What was the food like? Did it get out of hand? Did you say the wrong things? Did you move ahead with your career? The chairs are separate thoughts from the enormous table, although as chairs they can relate."

About the Artis
Mischak grew up in Newark, New Jersey, in a house that he says had his first two studios - the dining room and front porch his mother converted into a beauty parlor, and a dirt floor basement where he built monsters and made movies with an 8mm Bell and Howell camera.  These were the places he could be alone and creative.  "I once made a figure out of wood wrapped it with strips of white cloth, put it in a metal box and buried it in the back yard.  It was after to my first viewing of The Mummy with Boris Karloff, my mom got worried she thought I was getting a little crazy. It was a time and world of fantasies, and performance while building the objects that helped create these stories."

"I feel that my work comes out of those early exploits and the industrial urban sections of Jersey where I would travel as a kid and later as a teen. Where the bridges embrace the port and the factory buildings."

Mischak cites an affinity for the work of Jorge Pardo, Ernesto Neto and Franz West for "their ability and vision to cross lines of sculpture, architecture and design."  He also admires the work of Tejo Remy & René Veenhuizen, saying "to me they are always on the edge, their concepts are genuine, clear and sometimes humorous." 

Mischak received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He has exhibited his work at the Palmer Museum, Penn State University; Cypress College Art Gallery, Cypress, CA; Islip Art Museum; Lehman College Art Gallery, NY; Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY; Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York; the Boston Center for the Arts; and, Diverse Works Gallery, Houston.  Mischak is also a recipient of the Howard Foundation Fellowship and Rhode Island State Council of the Arts Fellowship.
Industry Gallery www.industrygallerydc.com is located at 1358 Florida Ave., NE, 2d Floor, Washington DC 20002,  info@industrygallerydc.com   (202) 399 1730.  The gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday, 11AM - 5PM, and by appointment.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anacostia Fotoweek November 6 - 13

Anacostia Icon | OPENINGS |

Reception, November 6th starting at 7pm:
Stop by Anacostia's newest creative space, Blank Space SE, to check out American Poetry Museum's presentation O R G A N I C A: Photographic Series by Melani N. Douglass & Rachel Eliza Griffiths.

Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab is displaying Mixed Up: A Photography Showcase (a selection of client images printed by the Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab) at Big Chair Coffee & Grill. This group exhibit showcases select photographs from some of the clientele who have helped make the first year of business a great success.
Reception: November 10th from 6pm to 8pm:
 In his solo exhibition Neither...Nor, Vietnamese born artist Khanh H. Le is presenting 14 large scale images using the multiple plate polymer photogravure etching technique at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions. Le examines identity, through the bits and pieces of personal memory, the collective history from two cultures; Vietnam and the US.

Starting promptly at 8:15pm is a free performance from the contemporary classical group, The Analog Arts Ensemble. The group will be performing works by Roussel and Francaix, as well as a world premier by Dolf Kämper.

Reception, November 11th starting at 6pm:
 Honfleur Gallery is hosting "Likeness", the brainchild of DC based photographer, Joshua Yospyn. The exhibition includes twenty artists: ten photographers and ten street artists with an end result of ten original portraits and ten interpretations of that portrait.

Photographers and artists include:
Bo Zhang, Chris Usher, David Holloway, Erica Allen, Jason Horowitz, Josh Yospyn, Lois Bielefeld, Joshua Cogan, Matt Dunn, & Michel Frankfurter. Diabetik, Brandon Hill, Decoy, Asad Walker, Matthew Shlian, Lance Wiggs & Buck, Heather Stevens, Earnest Concepcion, Mike Estabrook, and Peter Chang.

Upstairs at Honfleur Gallery is a solo exhibit by Charlotte L'Harmeroult who is a painter and video artist based in Paris, France.  Her experimental, energetic video and photography projects use humor and colorful, surreal narratives.

Extended FOTOWEEK DC Hours are as follows:

Honfleur Gallery and The Gallery at Vivid Solutions
11/6 11am-8pm
11/7 and 11/8 12pm-5pm
11/9 12pm-8pm,
11/10 and 11/11 12pm-9pm
11/12 12pm-8pm
11/13 11-5pm

Blank Space SE
10am - 6pm

Big Chair Coffee & Grill
7am - 8pm

City Gallery presents Geoff Ault "Running with Scissors"

H Street Icon | OPENINGS  |

Opening Reception: Saturday November 6 from 6pm to 9pm

Geoff Ault "Running with Scissors" Photo Courtesy of CITY Gallery

 In Ault’s words:

“As children we are told what not to do.  Don’t touch that, it’s hot.  Don’t eat that, it’s dirty.  Don’t swallow your gum, don’t play with matches.  Don’t run with scissors.

Yet we did everything we were told not to do because we wanted to know why the adults didn’t want us to do these things.  So we found out what ‘hot’ is, what dirt tastes like, what happened when we swallowed our chewing gum, and the consequences of playing with matches.  But somehow we knew the consequences of running with scissors and usually didn’t try that one out.

In the art world, often we are told that we shouldn’t paint with acrylics because oils are better.  In photography, we should use film instead of digital cameras.  Often artists are admonished that we should stick to the tried and true methods.  To a certain point this is true.  One must walk before he or she can run.  The basics of  composition, technique and color are important in creating art in all forms.

At some point the artist must take a creative leap and forget the rules; run with the scissors this time and see what happens.    I like to twist the composition, play with color and try out new ways of creating images.   It is painting to the extent in that I use brushes, layering and blending.  The only difference is that I have a canvas and brush that are electronic, not physical.  This allows me to create work that can have various textures, colors that can be subtle or vibrant.  It also allows me to alter images to the point that they are unrecognizable from the original image.  

Some images begin as film photographs taken with toy cameras that produce blurry, dreamlike images.  I scan the negative into the computer and what is usually a black and white image of something rather mundane can become a colorful abstraction.  Other images are created from objects placed on a flatbed scanner and digitally manipulated to produce distorted, unrecognizable images.   A flower can become a landscape, a piece of slashed matboard becomes a seascape.  The possibilities are endless”.

City Gallery is located at 804 H ST NE second floor, Washington, DC 20002. Gallery hours are Fridays and Saturday 1-5pm. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

All Mixed Up: A Juried Exhibition of Mixed Media Work

Outside the Diamond | OPENINGS |

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 4 from  6:00 to 9:00pm 

Featuring the work of Melissa Burley, Nancy Donnelly, Angelina Hein, Tom Hill, Katie Dell Kaufman, Judith Kornett, Allen Linder, Megan Mueller, John Paradiso, Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers, Linda Lee Uphoff and Steven Williams.
Juror: Philippa Hughes

Exhibition Dates:  November 1 - 27, 2010.

Hosted at the Brentwood Arts Exchange in the Gateway Arts District for the first time, the 2010 Prince George's County Annual Juried Exhibition, All Mixed Up, is a prominent showcase for artists living, working, and studying in Prince George's County.  

"Dynamic, layered, textured and a little weird."  The juror uses these words describe herself as much as the works in All Mixed Up.  The words also come together as a surprisingly succinct way to sum up the Zeitgeist of contemporary art.  The title "All Mixed Up" proceeds to take on its own layers of meaning.  As it traverses from installation to abstraction, provocation to beauty, the show strikes a chord at the heart of what makes contemporary art so exciting.

Co-sponsored by The M-NCPPC Department of Parks & Recreation  and the Prince George's County Arts Council, All Mixed Up is also a bold reminder of the role Prince George's County increasingly plays at the forefront of the region's art community.  It is nationally prominent and emerging artists.  It is raw and refined, traditional as well as edgy, challenging and also affirming.

The Brentwood Arts Exchange at the Gateway Arts Center is located at 3901 Rhode Island Avenue Brentwood, MD 20722.  Call the center at 301-277-2863/ tty. 301-446-6802.  Hours are Monday through Friday: 10am - 8pm and Saturday: 10am - 6pm.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend East City Event Round Up: Halloween Edition

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Saturday October 30

Albus Cavus presents Monster Mash at 680 Rhode Island Avenue NE, Washington DC.  Activities begin at 9am and include a magic show, face painting, mask making, pumpkin decorating and prizes. Young and old are encouraged to dress up in their most frightening outfits! 

CITY Gallery will close M.M. Panas’s “Action Painting” from 2-6pm at 804 H ST NE second floor; artist will be in attendance.  If you want to know more about Panas’s work read an interview with her HERE.

Conner Contemporary Art opens Federico Solmi’s “Douche Bag City”.  The New York based Italian animator and sculptor has had one of his recent works “Evil Empire” (2008) censored in France and Spain due to its controversial content.  The opening reception is from 6pm to 8pm with artist in attendance.  Conner is located at 358 Florida Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002.

Right next door to Conner Contemporary Art, G Fine Art will open “Mixed Bag” by Dan Steinhilber.  During the next six-weeks Steinhilber will create the exhibit in the gallery itself.  The opening begins at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm. G Fine Art is located at 1350 Florida Ave, NE Washington, DC  20002.

Sunday October 31

Jill Finsen of CITY Gallery will have a solo show at an Art House Open House at 911 G ST SE, Washington DC 20003 from 1pm to 3pm.  Finsen’s oil on panel works quote New England coastal landscapes in bright Fauvist colors.

CITY Gallery associate members will be showing their work at Park Café in a group exhibit.  The opening will be from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.  At Park Café openings, the owner serves wines from his native Chile and finger food to die for.  Park Cafe is located at 106 13th ST SE, Washington DC at Lincoln Park. 

Halloween and art meet at Design Studio Art Gallery’s “Night of the Living Art”.  A group show will feature horror movie inspired work from 5pm to 10pm.  Gallery goers are encouraged to come in costume.  Design Studio Art Gallery is located at 702 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD, 20781

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Art House Open House October 31 Featuring the Work of Jill Finsen

Capitol Hill Icon  | OPENINGS |

Opening Reception: Sunday October 31 from 1pm to 3pm

City Gallery will be presenting the work of gallery member Jill Finsen at an Art House Open House located at 911 G ST SE, Washington, DC 20003.

About the Artist
Jill Finsen's paintings explore the formal and emotional content of landscape and still life. A central focus of her work begins with vernacular New England scenes—coastline, architecture, woods and marshes. Raised in Eastern Massachusetts, with summers in Maine and on Cape Cod, she returns to the region as frequently as possible to further reexamine this set of personally iconic elements.

Jill Finsen "Sailing Beach Point" Oil on Panel.  Photo Courtesy of CITY Gallery

Finsen's work embodies the spirit of primitive or naïve styles, using composition and color to balance forms and rhythms and the directness of the palette knife to create a distinct and whimsical exploration of surface. With allusions to the works of early 20th century American painters and the Fauvists, Finsen's paintings embody a tension between familiarity and abstraction, drawing viewers in, yet leaving unresolved their placement within the imagined space.

About the Property
911 G Street SE is a two bedroom brick home with a deep shaded yard.  While the property has off street parking, you might consider selling your car as you are located within walking distance of Eastern Market, the Metro,  the shops and restaurants of 8th Street SE, Ginkgo Gardens and Fragers.   The home has retained the charming elements of the past while boasting modern amenities such as a remodeled kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances and granite counter-tops. 

The home will be open Sunday October 31 from 1-3PM.  For more information about the home contact Realtor Genie Hutinet at 202.413.7661

CITY Gallery Associate Member Show at Park Cafe

  Capitol Hill Icon  | OPENINGS |

Opening Reception: Sunday October 31 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Image Courtesy of CITY Gallery
City Gallery presents a group show at the Park Cafe representing the follwing associate members:

Anne Oman
Tara Hamilton
Marth Huizenga
Sarah Porter
Marilyn Christiano
Liz Lescault
Cissy Webb
Tom Kenyon
Will Fleishell

The represented group works in a variety of mediums including block print, engraving, watercolor, photography and ceramic sculpture.

The work will hang from October 31 through December 10, 2010.

Park Cafe is located at 106 13th ST SE, Washington DC right across the street from the eastern end of Lincoln Park. To make reservation call 202.543.0184 or visit their site at www.parkcafedc.com

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Albus Cavus Monster Mash!

Brookland Icon | EVENTS |

Design Studio Art Gallery Presents: "Night of the Living Art"

Outside the Diamond | OPENINGS |

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 31, 2010 from 5pm - 10pm

The public is invited to attend Design Studio Art Gallery's opening reception for "Night of the Living Art." Prepare to trick-or-treat and bring your children for an alternative haunted house experience. In spirit of this eerie holiday, explore "dark" creativity and view local artists' paranormal pieces which have taken inspiration from classic horror films and pop culture.

To celebrate the "darker half" of the year with Design Studio Art Gallery, all staff will be in costume and attendees are encouraged to follow suit. Night of the living art runs from October 22nd-November 17th.

The gallery is located in Hyattsville’s new Arts District at 5702 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD, 20781. Contact the gallery at (301) 779-4907 or (202) 446-7373 and by email at info@designstudioartgallery.com  Editors Note: New Fall Hours are Wed 10am-6pm, Thur 1pm-8pm, Fri 11am-6pm, Sat and Sun 10am-5pm

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

M.M. Panas "Action Painting" Closing Show at CITY Gallery

H Street Icon  | EVENTS |

Closing Reception: Saturday October 30, 2010 from 2pm -6pm

M.M. Panas "Dancin'".  Photo Courtesy of CITY Gallery

CITY Gallery invites the public to view "Action Painting" by M.M. Panas, one last time.  Artist in attendance.  Refreshments will be served.  To read the Wade Carey Interview, click HERE

About the Artist:
Maria Margarita Panas was born in Munich, Germany in 1946. She arrived in the U.S.A. in 1949 and subsequently became a citizen. After living in Brooklyn, NY until 1960, she moved to Michigan, where she attended Wayne State University (1963-1967) and met and married John Panas, a fellow student. They have two sons.

Margaret has been a practicing artist since 2002 and is a member of both The Art League of Alexandria, VA and The Capitol Hill Art League of Washington D.C.  She is also a member of the Columbia Pike Artist Studio.

Additional information may be found at: www.citygallerydc.com For further information or images, please contact the gallery at 202.468.5277 or info@citygallery.com   City Gallery is located at 804 H ST NE second floor, Washington, DC 20002. Gallery hours are Fridays and Saturday 1-5pm.  

G Fine Art presents Dan Steinhilber’s "Mixed Bag"

H Street Icon | OPENINGS 

Opening reception October 30, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Photo Courtesy of G Fine Art

Exhibit runs from October 30 - December 11

G Fine Art presents Dan Steinhilber’s latest exhibition, Mixed Bag. During the next six-weeks Steinhilber will make work in the gallery itself, engaging the commercial environment as both material and as studio space.

Starting with a lawn mower, broom, and iron, items associated with quotidien suburban existence, Steinhilber will create installations throughout the gallery, transforming it into the site of his sculptural experiments using tools associated with domestic chores.  The gallery audience will witness Steinhilber making these works, and dialogue with him as he folds his private concerns together with public discourse.  Shredded plastic bags will transform the floor with the brushstroke of the broom, and photographic snapshot “castings” will capture the indexical traces of his actions, creating an archive of images from his temporary installations. 

Working last summer at the Socrates Sculpture Park in New York with a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the Washington Project for the Arts, Steinhilber invited the public to participate in his sculptural practice.  For his series of  "earthbound" angels, members of the community worked with Steinhilber to cast their bodies in concrete in the manner of snow angels, resulting in a legion of everyday saints that was exhibited on the grounds of the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City.

Dan Steinhilber received his MFA from American University in 2002, and has been working and living in Washington DC since his student days. He has exhibited widely in the region in commercial and alternative venues alike.  Steinhilber has participated in numerous solo and group shows at museums and art spaces internationally  including, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Des Moines Art Center, the MCA Houston, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum at Cornell University, the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh PA, Brigham Young University Museum Of Art, Provo UT,  Cheekwood, Mass MOCA, SECCA in Winston Salem, NC, and the Palazzo delle Papesse Centro Arte Contemporanea in Siena, Italy.

Future projects include a solo show on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Raleigh, NC and a show at the Kreeger Museum in Washington, DC in 2012

G Fine Art is located at 1350 Florida Ave, NE Washington, DC  20002.  Gallery Hours are Wednesday – Saturday noon – 6 pm  For more information contact 202.462.1601 or visit  www.gfineartdc.com

Monday, October 25, 2010

Conner Contemporary Presents: Federico Solmi "Douche Bag City"

H Street Icon  | OPENING |

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 30th from 6pm - 8pm. Artist in attendance.

Federico Solmi  You Are Dick Richman from Douche Bag City. 2010, video-animation. Photo Courtesy of Conner Contemporary Art
My works are filled with corrupt politicians, murderers, swindlers, tyrants, porn stars, religious preachers... I want to present viewers with an ironic but perverse vision of our times and our near future.
- Federico Solmi

To preview the work: CLICK HERE

Conner Contemporary Art presents Douche Bag City, a major exhibition of video-animation, painting, and sculpture by Federico Solmi. Douche Bag City will run from October 30 through December 18, 2010

Solmi shocked Europe last year by exhibiting The Evil Empire (2008), the video portrait of a future Pope whose violent sex addiction leads to widespread ruin. Because of the work’s controversial content, the video was censored in France and Spain. Solmi, who lives in New York, was put on trial in his native Italy for obscenity, blasphemy and offense to religion. Later that year, the Guggenheim Foundation honored Solmi by awarding him with the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, in the category of video and audio, and commissioned work from him. This year, curators Sarah Lewis and Daniel Belasco selected Solmi’s latest video, Douche Bag City (2010) for exhibition in the SITE Santa Fe Eighth International Exhibition.

In Douche Bag City, Solmi turns his satirical lens toward Wall Street. Here, the artist applies his signature style, combining painting and hand-drawn animation with digital models, through the implementation of computer gaming engines. Solmi’s satire of Wall Street greed and corruption operates as a critique of the violence inherent in social and economic power structures. The artist has designed a special installation of custom-framed LCD screens for the presentation of Douche Bag City in the gallery. In addition to Solmi’s most recent videos, we will present his seminal works Rocco Never Dies (2005), The Giant (2005), and King Kong and the End of the World (2006).

Conner Contemporary will also show Solmi’s newest works, which have never before been exhibited: a large-scale sculpture inspired by The Evil Empire and paintings for the video animation Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth (a work in progress).

For further information contact the gallery at info@connercontemporary.com  or call 202.588.8750

Conner Contemporary Art is located at 1358 Florida Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002 Gallery  hours are as follows: Tuesday through Saturday 10 - 5pm.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Arts Organization Leasing Opportunity in NOMA


So you've always wanted to run an art gallery, perhaps an artist co-op, rent out studios to individual artists or maybe you are an artist who needs a huge amount of space for your studio to create massive installation pieces.  Better yet, you've always wanted to run a museum or some type of art education program.  Well look no further.

Come visit "The Cave" this weekend for your chance to preview approximately 7,500 square feet of space at very, very reasonable rates.  The NOMA Business Improvement District has partnered with the owner of 16 M Street NE to seek out an arts organization who would like to lease the space over the next five years.  East City Art has been told that there is a new roof, working HVAC (Heating and Air Conditining), a kitchen and a couple of bathrooms.  From an arts perspective, it is turn-key. We've also been told that if you can not make this weekend, to contact the NOMA BID to preview the property (info listed below).  

While there is a November 1 due date, the owner will review all proposals and may consider a time extension if needed to accommodate serious requests.

More information as follows from the NOMA BID:

NoMa Warehouse Available for Arts Uses
An approximately 7,500 square foot warehouse with parking is available for lease in the heart of NoMa at 1st and M Street NE, one block from the New York Avenue Metro. The NoMa Business Improvement District is publicizing the opportunity to arts and cultural entities that may be interested in leasing the space for office, studio, gallery, workshop or performance space or other related uses. The property owner, Stan Weinstein, has expressed openness to leasing the property for arts and cultural uses. The NoMa BID is interested in partnering with cultural organizations to make this a neighborhood hub of creativity. If needed, the BID is open to considering grant requests from organizations interested in the space.

Warehouse Entrance.  Photo courtesy of NOMA BID

About the Property
Location: 16 M Street, NE. The building is located on M Street between North Capitol Street and First Street, NE, one block from the NY Avenue Metro.

Details: The warehouse is an approximately 7,500 SF one-story masonry building with three small offices, a kitchenette, two bathrooms along the west side of the building and a loading dock with two roll-up doors that faces M Street on the south side of the building. The window-less building is newly painted with new fluorescent lighting, heating and HVAC systems.

Parking Lot: An approximately 7,500 SF parking lot sits adjacent to the warehouse on the east side; the lot is fenced and gated, and contains about 22 parking spaces. The parking lot will be leased with the building.
Lease Term: 5 years; for rental rates please contact the owner.

22 car secure parking space.  Photo Courtesy of NOMA BID

For more information on leasing rates, property information and other building details:
Stan Weinstein, Property Owner

For more information on possible opportunities for collaboration with the NoMa Business Improvement District, or additional information about the neighborhood:
Liz Price, BID President

Side view of building (note the length of the structure)
Photo Courtesy of NOMA BID

Due Date: 
Proposals are due Monday, November 1. Please submit all proposals electronically to Stan Weinstein. Please include information about your organization, financial proposal and capabilities, and your proposed uses for the space. If financial support from the BID is needed, please submit a separate proposal and grant request to the NoMa BID by November 1 including organization qualifications, proposed uses for the site, and grant request.

About the Neighborhood

NoMa (north of Massachusetts Avenue) is a mixed-use neighborhood north of Massachusetts Avenue and the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Between 2007-2009, private developers have invested more than $1.5 billion in the 35-block area covered by the NoMa BID, and have plans to develop more than 20 million square feet of office, residential, hotel, and retail space over the next 15 years. More than 5,000 new employees and residents will move into NoMa in 2010, and more than 700,000 SF have already been leased in NoMa this year, putting the neighborhood on track to follow the successes of the past two years; NoMa leased more than 1 million square feet in both 2008 and 2009.

The warehouse building sits one block from the New York Avenue Metro station, and half a block from the First and M Streets, NE, intersection – this intersection will be a busy hub for residents, employees and visitors by the end of 2010 when Harris Teeter, CVS and other retailers are open.

About the NoMa BID

For more information about the BID, visit the BID Web site at www.nomabid.org. View their NoMa Summer Screen video www.nomasummerscreen.com for more information about theirsignature film festival event; and visit www.zestfestdc.org for more information on Zestfest, an upcoming beautification and arts event in October 2010.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend East City Event Round Up

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Thursday October 14

Tim Conlon “Con Rail” (Photo Courtesy Studio H)

Studio H and CITY Gallery present the season’s first Art House Open House at 748 7th Street SE.  The works of the following artists will be represented:

Geoff Ault- photography (CITY Gallery)
Tim Conlon- graffiti artist (Studio H)
Ellen Cornett- pastels (CITY Gallery)
Sherill Gross- cut outs (CITY Gallery)
Liz Lescault- ceramic scuplture (CITY Gallery)
Katherine Mann- mixed media painting (Hamiltonian Gallery)
Steven Pearson- mixed media painting (Studio H)
Pam Rogers- mixed media painting (CITY Gallery)

Refreshment and hors-d’oeuvres will be provided by Marvelous Market Capitol Hill.

Friday October 15

"Barking Pumpkins" created from glass, wire, styrofoam by Erica Fallin.  (Photo Courtesy of Authentic Contemporary Art)

Be part of history when the first art gallery opens in Ward 7.  Don’t miss the Tubman-Mahan Art Gallery’s inaugural opening “ReCREATE” at 3938 Benning Road NE from 6pm to 8pm.  The juried group show required artists to work with recycled material.

The following artists will be represented: Chuck Baxter, Sandra Davis, Jim Duckworth, Chava Evans, Erica Fallin, Magaly Gaza, Christopher Golden, Gints Grinbergs, Rania Hassan, Sean Hennessey, Roxanne Jarrett, Guru Sangat Khalsa, Gloria Kirk, Marla Mclean, Rose Mosner, Jordan Quintero,Wendy Rabinowitz, Kathy Turner, Ja'Ski Watkins and Sherry Ways

Saturday October 16

The Fridge presents Graham Boyle’s first solo exhibit “Thrive, Despite!” from 7pm to 10pm.  The gallery is located behind Belga Café in the alley between 8th and 9th streets SE.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kate Fraser to Review Artist Portfolios at CHAW

 Capitol Hill Icon  | PORTFOLIO REVIEWS |

Attention artists, here is a chance to have your work assessed and reviewed by a professional in the art field.  Coming this Saturday October 16th, the Capitol Hill Art League has organized a portfolio review day from 12pm to 5pm at CHAW.

Kate Fraser, owner of the Fraser Gallery in Bethesda, will conduct portfolio reviews.  Each participating artist may bring at least 5 pieces; no more than 20 (even if they are photographs).  The cost to participate is ony $20 for CHAL members and $30 for non-members.    Each participant will be assigned a specific time slot for an individual review so that you can have an personal conversation with Kate Fraser about your art direction.  To sign up, you can call CHAW during office hours 202-547-6839.

Ms. Fraser will review your portfolio and offer guidance and practical information on your career as a fine artist.  For 15 minutes, one of the area’s most knowledgeable and experienced arts professionals will answer questions about the direction specifically of your work, pricing, presentation, approaching galleries, entering juried competitions, marketing, getting attention from art critics, or almost anything else you can think of. 

To clear up any confusion, this session is designed to discuss the development and direction of your art portfolio on the business side.  This session is not an art critique of the artistic merits of your individual pieces.  If you wish to participate in a critique of your art pieces, then Lisa Semerad's Nov 13th seminar, 1-4pm at CHAW, on critiquing art is for you.

Ms. Fraser, an accomplished photographer, has over 20 years of experience as a photographer, curator, gallery Director, judge, and educator. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, museums and art centers both in Europe and the United States and has won many awards. Ms. Fraser is one of the most highly collected photographers in the DC region.

CHAW is conveniently located 2 blocks south of Eastern Market Metro station on the northwest corner of 7th & G streets SE.

The Fridge Presents: Graham Boyle "Thrive, Despite!"

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend East City Event Round Up

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The Hill is Home 

Saturday October 2

Note: the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) has cancelled its Saturday open figure drawing this week. 

However, if you haven’t already, do pick up tickets for CHAW’s ArtSmash . The proceeds benefit children’s art programs.  CHAW never turns away a child because he or she can not afford a class.  This is you chance to help out and have a blast!

CITY Gallery  opens "Action Painting" , new work by mixed-media painter M.M. Panas.  The opening reception begins at 6pm and ends at 9pm.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Albus Cavus Community Outreach Tonight at 6PM

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Tonight at 6pm at the Freezer 633 E ST Rear Alley

Albus Cavus students decorating the Temporium on H ST NE (photo Courtesy of Albus Cavus)
Albus Cavus, the group that brought you the mustache mural, the decorations at the temporium and the "give me a vote" hand statues , is asking the community for its help with their upcoming campaign to promote their next semester of classes.

The Spring 2010 Classrooms were above their expectations and many have been expressing an increased interest in taking more of them. Albus Cavus has good news to share. The schedule for Spring 2011 is nearly finalized and they would like to involve you (the community at lartge) in the next step which will include fundraising efforts, community outreach and managing individual workshops.

Join Albus Cavus for DC Volunteer Orientation, Tonight, Thursday, September 30 at 6pm in our workspace The Freezer located at 633 E Street SE (rear alley) which is within walking distance from Eastern Market Metro. Please RSVP here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CHAW Artsmash Benefit Saturday October 2- Come out and Support Children's Art Programs

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Art Smash: Saturday October 2, 2010 from 7pm to 10pm

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Presents ArtSmash, an Art-filled Evening to Benefit Children.

The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW)  presents ArtSmash, an arts celebration, on Saturday, October 2, 2010 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. at its historic building on Capitol Hill, 545 7th Street, SE.  The event will include food, libations, and an array of entertainment from dancers to cabaret singers including performances by a cappella group Not What You Think, Taffety Punk Theater Company’s Riot Grrrls: Julius Caesar, and the casts of CHAWbaret and The Mikado. ArtSmash will also offer opportunities for gala-goers to participate in the arts through tango lessons, a fashion show, painting like the Masters, and more.  A silent auction will feature works from local artists and members of the Capitol Hill Art League, unique experiences, and a wide array of prizes from retail items to gift certificates and jewelry.  Proceeds from ArtSmash support CHAW’s tuition assistance, outreach, and education programs.

“CHAW’s ability to provide tuition assistance for every child who needs it is a point of extraordinary organizational pride and is only possible with the continuing support of our community,” said Colleen Jolly, President of CHAW’s Board of Directors. “ArtSmash is a special, fun event that helps CHAW continue its important work of building community through the arts.”

Tickets are $50 per person in advance and $75 at the door and can be purchased by calling the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop at (202) 547-6839, or via email to victor@chaw.org.

For a complete list of events, workshops, classes or registration information, please visit the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop’s website at www.chaw.org or call (202) 547-6839.

Since 1972, the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) has provided arts education to thousands of children and adults in the Washington region, especially from the greater Capitol Hill area. Through classes, performances, and exhibitions in visual and performing arts, CHAW brings together diverse segments of the population to connect through the transforming power of creativity.  CHAW offers a tuition assistance program and flexible payment plans.  CHAW is a featured charity in the 2010-2011 Catalogue for Philanthropy.