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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Evolve Urban Arts Project presents: "There, Not There" by Matthew Carucci & Jerome Pouwels April 10 - May 22, 2010

H Street Icon | ART OPENINGS |

Opening Reception:  Saturday, April 10, 4-8pm

The Evolve Urban Arts Project has announced the first of two exhibitions exploring the intersection between visual arts and architecture. There, Not There features paintings and drawings by Matthew Carucci as well as a site-specific, collaborative installation - a first for the Project - between Mr. Carucci and California artist Jerome Pouwels.

Carucci utilizes a distinctive cross-hatching painting technique to create architectural scenes challenging the notions of origin, permanence and image ofsupremacy of manmade structures.  In his cityscapes devoid of humans, tenuous tower cranes play the tragic hero, championing our ability to manipulate our environment while simultaneously divorcing us from the natural world.  While the artist's use of line clearly delineates a coherent architectural design, his near manic layering of those lines towards infinity calls into question our psychological need to dominate the environment around us.
Drawing from Carucci's consuming crosshatch paintings and Pouwel's paradoxical imagery, a new, three-dimensional representation will occupy the Project's central atrium, using the cultural/structural backdrop of the old image of "Communicating Lines - example #7 (Here, Not Here)", 2010schoolhouse to confront the confluence of urban regeneration and structural dynamics.  The site-specific installation, created in collaboration with long time friend and California artist Jerome Pouwels, will, according to the two artists, "bridge the socio-physical changes [confounding] renewed urban settings by introducing a symbolic form that confronts both esthetically and physically."  The piece -- assembled using hand carved wood -- mimics vertical forms found in nature and cities, and  will challenge the way viewers move through the gallery space.  Visitors will be transformed from passive bystanders to unwitting participants in the artists' dynamic marriage of modern architectural forms, ecological vicissitudes and traditional artistic structures.

There, Not There will run through May 22nd, 2010. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 1 - 4pm.  Other times are available through appointment.  The Project space is located in the Pierce School Lofts at 1375 Maryland Avenue, NE.  For further information, visit their website at  http://art.evolvedc.com.

Studio H Presents: Rod Glover "Ungrounded" April 17 - May 12, 2010

H Street Icon | ART OPENINGS |

 Studio H presents Rod Glover "Ungrounded" April 17 through May 12, 2010.

The opening show will be April 17 from 6PM to 9PM

Rod Glover's paintings simplify the complexities of life without the need for representational depictions. He constructs his work using abstract shapes and color. "Abstract shapes have undeniable power. The orientation or action of a shape evokes conflict, balance, anxiety or harmony. In shapes we perceive ourselves, and they become the archetypes of existence" explains Glover. The shapes in Glover’s work seem to float in space that he imagines to be infinite. The forms are in movement through time. The shapes speak of many things: relationships, solitude, confrontation, awakening, joy, stillness, order or chaos.

Glover's work is influenced by early geometric or reductive abstractionists. Painters such as Kandinsky, Malevich and Moholy-Nagy used geometric shapes to reject illusionist practices in the belief that shapes could convey expressive feelings and ideas without the need for recognizable or objective forms.

The paintings are built through many layers, beginning with a basic foundation of color. Portions of the foundation are masked and masking is added in each successive layer to retain areas of that specific color and to introduce new elements to be preserved throughout the process. The visual and physical texture of the work is extremely important. The ability to see layers of paint, to see how abrasions reveal what has come before, all heighten the depth of field. This richness of surface, imperfect, aged, sometimes scratched or pocked, creates an acknowledgement of time and change.
Glover was born in 1962 in Champaign, Illinois. He studied under Jean J. Slenker, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, for his undergraduate studio concentration in Fiber Arts. Rod lives and works in Shepherdstown, West Virginia and Washington, DC. Throughout the 1990’s, Rod’s collaborative design company, AEON, produced products for the New York and European markets. Rod is artistic and merchandising director for his retail store Home Rule, in Washington, DC. Rod shows regularly in Washington, DC, and his work is included in many private collections in the US, CANADA and BRITAIN.

For more information about Studio H Gallery and Workshop, please visit www.studiohdc.com. Studio H is located at 408 H Street NE second floor Washington, DC 20002.  Hours are by appointment.

Monday, March 29, 2010

CHAL First Annual Metro DC Juried Exibition Deadline Extended

 Capitol Hill Icon | CALLS FOR ENTRY|

The Capitol Hill Art League has extended its Call for Entry for "Escape!" which will be showing in May at their gallery at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.  

Deadline for submissions has been extended to April 15, 2010.

For more information visit the CHAL site at www.caphillartleague.org or download a prospectus directly here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

City Gallery presents: Gina Clapp "Magical Realism" April 3 - April 25, 2010

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City Gallery's first solo exhibition "Magical Realism" by gallery member Gina Clapp will run from April 3- April 25 2010.  Clapp will exhibit new work and will awe visitors with her mastery of watercolor. Clapp searches for and finds magic.

The term "Reality" mystifies Clapp. She sees reality as ever-changing, fluid yet fleeting and ephemeral. In "Magical Realism" she tries to focus intensely on what she sees and her work attempts to communicate her vision. "I am trying to catch a split second in time. I want to portray the movement in a still object, a kind of vibration that living materials have, as well as their inherent stillness. Drapery may feel like it is swirling, blowing, or hiding something. Pots and jars seem to tilt just slightly when I draw, as if they are shifting their weight. And the minute I think I have captured the moment it slips away".

What Clapp sees is different from what most people see, even if the object is familiar. The observer looking at Clapp's work will enter into a magical world where egg yokes become landscapes, sequined fabric is the shimmer of light on water, and flowers seem on the verge of shifting their bodies, slipping or flying away. In this world no object is unworthy of inclusion. The ordinary green plastic garden pot has the same potential to reflect, glow and shimmer as a more precious item.

The opening reception will be Saturday, April 10 from 6PM to 9PM.

Additional information may be found at: www.citygallerydc.com For further information or images, please contact the gallery at 202.468.5277 or info@citygallery.com.

City Gallery is located at 804 H ST NE second floor, Washington, DC 20002. Gallery hours are Fridays and Saturday 1-5pm.

Conner Gogo Emerging Art Projects 2011/2012 Seasons

H Street Icon | CALLS FOR ENTRY |

Conner gogo emerging art projects is accepting submissions for its 2011/2012 seasons.

Emerging artists (individual or collaborative groups) are encouraged to send proposals for a new project, a new performance, or an exhibition of new work in any medium, which utilizes the gallery's outdoor area, or media room, or gallery B space.

The duration of the show may range from a one night event up to an 8-week exhibition.

Include the following items when submitting:

- A  concise  written description of the project, one page or less
- A visualization of  the project  in the space
- Five (5) low-res jpgs of  current  works
- Cv and biography of the artist(s)
- Your website(s)

Deadline: June 1, 2010  

Send to: info@connercontemporary.com  
Attention: Jamie Smith, Curator

Proposals will be reviewed by September 1, 2010.

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) Hosts Third Annual "Art & Go Seek" Scavenger Hunt

H Street Icon | EVENTS |

The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) will host its 3rd annual Art & Go Seek, a fun scavenger hunt and fundraising event for children and adults, Saturday, April 10, 2010, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Art & Go Seek is an interactive scavenger hunt that sends teams of two to six people racing around Capitol Hill searching for answers to questions about art, history, and notorious people and places in the neighborhood. Wacky hands-on art challenges will be featured along the course, and the team with the most points at the end of the hunt wins a prize. Proceeds from Art & Go Seek support CHAW’s tuition assistance, outreach and education programs.

“We are so excited to once again host this family-friendly community arts event,” said Colleen Jolly, President of CHAW’s Board of Directors. “Art & Go Seek provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the vibrant Hill neighborhood through an artistic lens, and truly embodies CHAW’s mission of building community through the arts.”

Highlights of Art & Go Seek include a light breakfast, the scavenger hunt, and an after-pARTy at CHAW with lunch and entertainment. Entry fees for adults are $25 if registered by March 29th and $35 after March 29th. Young adults, ages 13-18, are $10 per person and children 12 and under are free.  There is a special track for families with young children who want to participate.

To register for Art & Go Seek, call (202) 547-6839 or email victor@chaw.org.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interview with H Street Artist and Capitol Hill Resident Katherine Mann

Capitol Hill Icon H Street Icon | INTERVIEWS |

Perched three stories above H Street NE, Katherine Mann's studio looks south toward the Capitol Hill skyline affording unobstructed views of the Capitol, the Library of Congress's Jefferson building and of course, the myriad of row houses and trees that line the historic district. 

A recent 2009 MFA graduate of MICA's prestigious Hoffberger School of Painting in Baltimore, Mann found herself confronted with the reality that her academic career, which had taken so much of her time and energy, was now coming to a rapid and abrupt end.  "I found myself having to go back to the 'real world' and teach" Mann laments.  She had devoted herself to her final project "Filigree" a 30 foot painting which is currently on display at BWI Airport. 

However, she adapted rapidly to the post-graduate world.  She was accepted as a fellow by Hamiltonian Gallery and spent the summer at the Virgina Center for the Creative Arts in Amherst, VA.  By the fall she had found herself a studio on H Street allowing her to focus once more on painting. She even found the time to fly down to Miami for the Miami-Basel show where she sold one of her larger pieces.  "I was very inspired and energized by what I saw in Miami" says Mann.  Then, in mid-December 2009, she and two of her fellow Hoffberger graduates, Jennifer Mullins and Kim Manfredi exhibited at a group show at Studio H entitled "Wonderment, an Exploration of the Indeterminate".

In January 2010, along with her fellow graduate and good friend Kim Manfredi, Mann spent several weeks at the Vermont Studio Center.  "This was a turning point for me" says Mann.  In Vermont, she was able to work side by side with 50 other artists, share three "great meals" a day with them and take her work in a new direction.  "My work became darker and I began to create night scenes or nightscapes" Mann recalls.  

At the Vermont Studio Center, Mann also had the opportunity to meet fellow Hamiltonian Christian Benefiel, a sculptor who will be exhibiting alongside Mann and Michael Sirvet at Hamiltonian Gallery this Saturday.   The three person show will focus on ambiguous forms.  The artists combine and add small characters to  create a whole.

Mann's work begins by staining and pouring ink on paper.  She then builds up the work with characters, paterns and botanical elements.  "While the staining and pouring of ink are spontaneous, the overlapping elements define yet suffocate the ink" states Mann.  The binary quality of Mann's work both during the process of creation and the end result derives from the play between seemingly conflicting dichotomies- organic vs inorganic, structure vs loose and, control  (characters) vs spontaneity (free flowing ink).  Even the viewer becomes an actor in the play between opposites- up close one can admire the detail of the characters and from far away the forms of the work are still legible and form a whole.

Katherine's work will be on display at the Hamiltonian Gallery from March 27 - May 1, 2010 Opening reception: Saturday, March 27, 2010, 7 - 9 p.m

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Industry Gallery Article in Fast Company Magazine

H Street Icon | REVIEWS |

Fast Company Magazine has written a piece about Industry Gallery's current exhibit "Hands On".  The title of the article is rather obnoxious as it poses the question "Is Washington, DC ready for an onslaught of contemporary design".  Rather than following up this rather presumptuous title with a discussion leading up to that question, the author, Cliff Kuang, continues the article with an interview of Veenhuizen and Remy, the two designers featured at Industry Gallery's current show "hands on".

While the interview with Veenhuizen and Remy reveal a lot about their vision and the history of their work, the article itself does not answer the question it poses.  Rather, it stereotypes DC as a company town whose inhabitants have little or no affection for aesthetic pursuits. 

A more relevant and honest discussion would have included the major changes occurring in the area where Industry Gallery is located such as the arrival of new galleries right next door.  This should have led the author to pose a more relevant question "Is DC on the cusp of becoming a new center for art and design". 

Monday, March 22, 2010

G Fine Art Finds New Home in H Street Corridor

H Street Icon | ART OPENINGS |

The long circulating rumor that G Fine Art was looking for an H Street NE location has in fact become a reality!  G Fine Art opened its doors at its new 1350 Florida Avenue NE location on Saturday, March 20.  G Fine Art is located right next door to Conner Contemporary and Industry Gallery both of whom had  Saturday opening shows as well.

Currently on Display is a collection of work by A.B. Miner called "Naked".  Miner's intimately scaled self portraits are radical for their obsessively painted surfaces and raw emotional content. Primarily through the use of impastoed oil paint, but also via pencil drawings and for the first time film, the artist's diaristic practice documents the permeability of flesh, a struggle for control over the body, and the limits of emotional resilience. The exhibition Naked takes its title from a painted diptych in the exhibition, which shows on one side what Miner’s paintings look like in their earlier iterations, pencil on board, and on the other the finished product with the disjointed planes of vibrant color he has become known for.

Like Naked, all of the exhibition’s works reveal what the artist and many people hide from the outside world. Concealing inner turmoil and bodily irregularities and remaining elusive about the details of a creative process are themes Miner hopes will resonate with viewers. In “From There to Here,” a twelve-panel progression of paintings spanning 16 feet and made between 2007 and 2010, Miner chronicles one year of healing scars. 

Gallery Hours are Wednesday - Saturday, Noon - 6 PM.  Address: 1350 Florida Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002 | T. 202.462.1601 | www.gfineartdc.com 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Conner Contemporary: Transmission | Art as Paper as Potential

H Street Icon | ART OPENINGS |

Maria Friberg: transmission
Dean Kessmann: Art as Paper as Potential
March 20 – May 8, 2010

Opening reception: Saturday, March 20th: 6-8pm

Conner Contemporary Art is pleased to announce two concurrent solo exhibitions featuring new photographs and videos by Maria Friberg, of Sweden, and Dean Kessmann, of Washington, DC. For each artist, this is the fourth solo show with the gallery.

In transmission, Maria Friberg re-frames the automobile as a sign for ambivalent concepts, such as progress and environmental threat, social hierarchy and economic instability, and male power and uncertainty. In her video and photographs, Friberg presents various makes and models of cars, from below, displacing their most familiar features, and exposing their seemingly vulnerable undersides. Filming moving cars against a clear sky, the artist achieves a dream-like effect, while underscoring the relation between man and nature, which forms a major theme in her oeuvre. Her focus on man's place in the natural world is amplified in alongside us, a recent series of large-scale photographs of men suspended on branches of trees, also on view.

Dean Kessmann construes blank sheets of paper as potential sites for creation with words or images in Paper as Art as Potential. Scanning 365 sheets of blank paper, the artist created an installation with digital prints, transparencies, and video. He explains, "The predominant motive for working digitally on this piece grew out of my interest in translating these tactile sheets of paper into purely digital information, which, after being filtered through the virtual realm, is output, once again, into material form." Identifying each page with a day in the calendar, Kessmann constructs a visual metaphor of an artist's working year. "This project," the artist imparts, "Is about the daily practice of making art, an act of giving and receiving."

There will be an opening night reception, Saturday, March 20th from 6 to 8pm. Artists in attendance.

Additional information may be found at: www.connercontemporary.com  For further information or images, please contact the gallery @ 202-588-8750 or info@connercontemporary.com.

Conner Contemporary Art is located at 1358 Florida Avenue, NE –Washington, DC 20002. Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday 10-5pm.

Industry Gallery Second Exhibit "Hands On"

H Street Icon | ART OPENINGS |

Industry Gallery will open “Hands On” March 20, 2010, 6‐8PM, the first solo U.S. exhibition for renowned and innovative Dutch designer Tejo Remy, a founding designer at the Droog Design collective, and René Veenhuizen, his design partner of the past decade. The exhibition will run through May 8 and will premier a prototype for a new series of poured concrete furniture.

Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is critically acclaimed for its product and furniture design, and noted for using simple materials in strikingly original ways. “Hands On” will feature approximately a dozen works created from concrete, bamboo, tennis balls, and old woolen blankets.

“Hands On” includes several works based on Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen’s public and private commissions over the past decade, among them: a picnic table and two benches, inspired by the “Leaf Furniture” originally created for a children’s health care institution; a large tubular bench made from tennis balls based on a series made for the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam; and, a geometrically irregular slat wood “Reef Bench” derived from a series created for a secondary school. The exhibition will also feature two “Accidental Carpets” made from recycled blankets, chairs constructed from wide bamboo slats (two of only six made), and a prototype from a new series of poured concrete furniture.

Remy & Veenhuizen prefer hands on experimentation and avoid designing with computer assistance. In their large, one‐room, light‐filled studio just outside the historic core of Utrecht, they bend, fuse, glue, and manipulate fabric, glass, wood, cement and other materials, creating, testing and fabricating new designs.  “When all the things with which we surround ourselves on a daily basis are seen as materials with which to build on further,” says Remy, “the world becomes one great toolbox.”

“Tejo and René continue to generate some of the today’s most inventive and talked about design work,” said Industry Gallery owner Craig Appelbaum. “They are endlessly experimental and their work continues to expand the vocabulary of contemporary design in provocative ways.”

About the Designers
Tejo Remy’s “Rag Chair,” “Chest of Drawers (You Can’t Lay Down Your Memories)” and “Milk Bottle Lamp” (all created in 1991) introduced the designer and his distinct vision to the world. The pieces rapidly became icons of contemporary design and established him as one of the leading figures of his generation. He graduated the School of Art in Utrecht, department 3d‐Design in 1991.

René Veenhuizen graduated the School of Art in Utrecht, department 3d‐Design in 1993 and is now on their faculty. After several years of collaboration, he formalized his design partnership with Remy in 2000.

Their work is exhibited internationally and included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Audax Textielmuseum in Tilburg, and other venues.

About Industry Gallery
Industry Gallery, specializes in 21st century design. The gallery regularly holds single artist exhibitions representing a broad spectrum of design trends by international artists who create functional art from industrial materials. The gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday, 11AM – 5PM, and by appointment.

Friday, March 12, 2010

City Gallery's Grand Opening Reviewed

H Street Icon | INTERVIEWS |

The Hill is Home wrote a very interesting piece capturing the excitement of City Gallery's Grand Opening last Saturday.  The article includes interviews with artists, patrons and the director.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrackray Seznec Recent Paintings at Park Cafe

H Street Icon | ART OPENINGS |

Park Cafe will be hosting Recent Paintings by Thackray Seznec March 14 - April 16, 2010.  The opening reception is Sunday March 14 from 5:30-6:30PM. 

Annapolis native Thackray Seznec discovered a love of painting at her artist mother's knee. At Washington College she studied under Walter Redding. While living in the Middle East she worked with Rahim Sharif in Bahrain. Among places her work has been exhibited: Bahrain, Greenwich Arts Society, Greenwich, CT, The Silvermine School of Art, Norwalk, CT, Alliance Française, Washington, DC, and in Annapolis at 49 West and The Mitchell Gallery at St John's College.

CHAL First Annual Metro DC Juried Exibition

H Street Icon | CALLS FOR ENTRY |

The Capitol Hill ART League presents its First Annual Metro DC open juried exhibition. Show the world how you ESCAPE! All artists, 18 years of age or older residing in the Washington, DC metropolitan area are eligible to enter.  Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2010.

The Capitol Hill ART League is a program of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop located three blocks from  historic Eastern Market. CHAL is composed of approximately 100 artists, Each season CHAL mounts a series of seven juried exhibitions and conducts gallery talks at the openings, CHAL hosts lectures on a variety of art related topics, offers workshops, and strives to develop a sense of community, supportive of the artist. The greater Washington community is encouraged to participate in all of these events.

Click here to download a prospectus and apply to the juried exhibition.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

City Gallery Featured in Roll Call

H Street Icon | INTERVIEWS |

Roll Call did an interesting piece on the opening of City Gallery in their "Around The Hill" section today.  The article features quotes from yours truly and ECA contributor and artist Ellen Cornett.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three Years, Three Shows!

Anacostia Icon | ART OPENINGS |

Three Years, Three Shows: Three is the Magic Number!
All Exhibitions Open 3/12/10 @ 7pm in Anacostia

Arts patrons will have lots to discover in Anacostia this month.  Opening on Friday, March 12th, Honfleur Gallery celebrates its third anniversary with the opening of the aptly named painting exhibition, Three, as well as an exhibition of the works of John K. Lawson, entitled NOW AND THEN.   Up the street at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions digital maestro Brad Ulreich opens his exhibition La Femme Da Vine.

Three features paintings by artists Wesley Clark, Lance Wiggs & Jonathan Royce.  The work by this younger cadre of local abstract painters features intense color, experimental techniques and an overarching prediliction for the art of layering.  Stop-action video and works on canvas, panel and found objects will be included.

Honfleur’s upstairs exhibition space will highlight a new body of portraiture in the solo show NOW AND THEN.  John K. Lawson returns to Anacostia with his signature collaged encaustic works using salvaged materials.  Building on his past works that emerged from the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina,  NOW AND THEN instead draws material from the digital world, amalgamating text, image and pixels in an arrangement that both outlines and obfuscates the portrait’s subject.   A metaphor for the contemporary experience, Lawson explores “the relationship between the interior psychic self and the modern exterior world.” though he warns that  “they are rendered with a sense of  futuristic urgency... and not of a sentimental longing for a simpler past life.”

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions presents Brad Ulreich’s large-format renderings in La Femme da Vine hit upon a topic long targeted in the canon of art history, the female form.  Digitally fusing imagery from anatomical drawings, fetishism, renaissance masterworks, and spiritual images, the women are a revamped take on classical imagery of madonnas and venuses. 
Honfleur Gallery - 1241 Good Hope Road SE, Washington DC 20020- is a contemporary art space located in the Historic Anacostia. Opened in 2007, it maintains a rigorous schedule of exhibitions and programming that focuses on cutting edge contemporary exhibitions by living artists from the USA and abroad. www.honfleurgallery.com

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions- 2208 MLK Jr. Avenue SE, Washington DC 20020- is a photography and digital arts space that is dedicated to showcasing and supporting established contemporary artists as well as aspiring local Washington, D.C. talents.  www.vividsolutiondc.com

Both galleries are projects of the ARCH Development Corporation whose mission is to act as a catalyst for cultural revitalization, primarily in the historic Anacostia neighborhood by creating a home for arts & artists, cultural organizations, and compatible businesses as a means to fulfill its objectives of community-based economic development and sustainable living neighborhoods.

For further inquiries, please contact Briony Evans Hynson, Creative Director at 202-536-8994 or arts@archdc.org.

Brookland Arts District?

Brookland Icon | ARTS DISTRICT |

With all of the buzz recently centered around H Street as the emerging arts destination with the opening of new galleries Studio H, City Gallery and Industry Gallery, the relocation of DC powerhouse Connor Contemporary and the great success of the Atlas Theater, could Brookland be far behind?

In December 2009, the DC zoning commission approved the redevelopment of a five block parcel of land currently owned by Catholic University.  The land, which is adjacent to the Brookland/CUA Metro station will feature a new Main Street along both sides of Monroe Street, from Michigan Avenue to 8th Street, NE, with residential above the ground floor retail.  Local developer Abdo Development will be responsible for the project.

Art will play a central role in this redevelopment effort as Dance Place and Artspace of Minnesota will build an artist housing development one block down on 8th ST NE.  While not affiliated with Abdo, this project will emphasize 8th Street NE in Brookland as an emerging arts destination.

Arts Walk will sit on the vacant block adjacent to the Metro tracks on the north side of Monroe and will extend 8th Street with a pedestrian-only street, connecting Monroe with the Metro entrance. Flanking this pedestrian street will be 27 working artist studios, featuring roll-up glass doors and high ceilings.

"We are currently working with the Cultural Development Corporation  to program this space and they will likely also manage the Arts Walk and be responsible for leasing the space to artists. There will also be a 3,000 sf "Arts Flex Building" at the southeast corner of Monroe and 8th that will accommodate arts functions like exhibitions, performances, and receptions." says Toby Millman, Vice President of Project Development for Abdo Development

Links of some drawings for the overall project can be found here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three Poses

H Street Icon | CLASSES |

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Life Drawing Class—we've been meeting on Thursday nights for years now. Attached are two beautiful drawings from last week's session. The assignment was to compose a picture from three, thirty-minute poses. It's exciting to see what the students produce each week.

This session we are concentrating on gesture. An expressive and accurate gesture drawing is the armature on which you can build a successful drawing. The renderings on these two pages are based on solid gesture drawing.

Monday, March 1, 2010

City Gallery Grand Opening March 6 from 6-9PM

H Street Icon | ART OPENINGS |

Located in the bustling H Street NE corridor, City Gallery will join the growing list of existing arts destinations in the area including Connor Contemporary, Industry Gallery, Studio H and the Atlas Theater.

City Gallery will bridge the burgeoning artistic community of the Capitol Hill-H Street NE corridor with the growing art market of the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. Greatly underrepresented, the local arts community in Eastern DC will find a permanent home at City Gallery. DC art lovers will now have immediate access to the works of the many talented, local artists who live in their midst.

Through exhibitions, gallery talks, classes, workshops, and other artist activities, City Gallery will promote public arts projects, provide the general public a place to view affordable art and will encourage the idea of art as an investment. Providing affordable art will allow everyone, not just the wealthy few, an opportunity to collect and invest in original art.

The gallery represents over 20 local painters, sculptors, photographers, engravers and printmakers. Every year, all artist members will display their work in a group show. The gallery will then host solo shows by individual members monthly. Over the summer, the gallery will host an annual juried show which will be open to both members and non-member artists from around the region.

The Grand opening of City Gallery on March 6, 2010 will feature works by all of the City Gallery members: Geoff Ault, Gina Clapp, Ellen Cornett, Marilyn Christiano, Sheryl Denbo, Nancy Donnelly, Jill Finsen, Will Fleishell, Tara Hamilton, Martha Huizenga, Tom Kenyon, Gayle Krughoff, Lynne Mallonee Schlimm, Liz Lescault, Anne Oman, M.M. Panas, Sarah Porter, Tom Pullin, Ronnie Spiewak, Wally Szyndler and Cissy Webb.

In addition to hosting member exhibitions, City Gallery will also provide gallery space rental and catering, art advisory and curatorial services, art installation and new collector consultations.

The Grand Opening of City Gallery will be March 6, 2010 from 6 to 9 pm.  City Gallery is located at 804 H Street NE Second Floor and is open Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 5 PM .

Conner Contemporary at Pulse NYC

H Street Icon | ART OPENINGS |

H Street Corridor powerhouse Connor Contemporary will be exporting its contemporary flair north to the PULSE NYC  fair and will be featuring the work of : 


FAIR LOCATION: The new art fair location will be 330 West Street @ West Houston New York, NY

Thursday, March 4: VIP - 9-12pm ; 12-8pm.
Friday, March 5: Noon - 8pm
Saturday, March 6: Noon - 8pm
Sunday, March 7: Noon to 5pm.
For further information and shuttle bus timetable, please visit: http://www.pulse-art.com

Special events: artist talk / book signing: Thursday, March 4th @ 2pm - gallery artist KOEN VANMECHELEN will sign catalogs and discuss the ongoing The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, his upcoming honorary Doctorate in art and science from the University of Hasselt, Belgium and the importance of energy, communication and life. For details:

opening: Thursday, March 4th 8pm-11pm: Ladies Who Lunch new work by Jeremy Kost at the National Arts Club (Gramercy Park) New York. special performance by LadyFag. rsvp: info@connercontemporary.com

Additional images and information: 202 588 8750 / info@connercontemporary.com

Conner Contemporary Art is located at 1358 Florida Avenue, NE – Washington, DC 20002 in the historic Atlas Arts District/ H Street Corridor. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11-5pm.