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Saturday, January 16, 2010

From Art Crimes to City Landmarks

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In this particular instance, these exhibits are permanent- murals created by graffiti artists with the blessing of the local authorities.

The city has finally decided taken a pragmatic approach to "combating" graffiti in the city by creating the Murals DC program.  Council member Jim Graham spearheaded the program in 2007.  The program pairs students with artists who learn aerosol painting techniques and the execution of a large scale work. The program has led to the creation of 20 breathtaking murals city-wide including the following five East City murals:

"One City," 2420 Martin Luther King Ave. SE.
"Unity," 600 Alabama Ave. SE.
"Movement," under the Franklin Street Bridge at Edgewood and Eighth Street NE.
"Metamorphosis," 615 Division Ave. NE.
"Life Makes Music," Riggs Road NE at South Dakota Avenue.

 Many of these murals have become landmarks in their own right.  You can view these murals online here as well as the other 15 murals finished in NW neighborhoods (after having to watch 10 seconds of an inane commercial).

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  1. just came across yer blog from a comment on frozen tropics.
    very cool to read a focus on the east section of our city.